$20 Veg Box


The $20 Veg Box has a yummy selection of seasonal, chemical-free produce that is delivered direct to your door!

100g lettuce mix, 100g leafy greens, 1 x bunch of roots, 2 x 30g micro greens. These selections may change week to week depending on what’s good and what’s in season.

Huski Greens is a small, no-till urban farm located on the outskirts of Sorell, Tasmania. The small-scale operation produces high quality produce to help maintain a sustainable local food culture. They do not use harmful chemicals during any stage of the growing, harvesting, storing or packaging processes. All of their packaging is 100% compostable and they are working towards a zero-waste operation.

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Ingredients: Lettuce, leafy greens, roots and micro greens

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Huski Greens

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